The Lyke Conference – Importance and Facilitation

Every country has a history. Some parts of the history may be admirable while others may be saddening. The saddening parts of history are there for us to learn from the past. This way, we are able to strengthen our future and ensure that past mistakes are avoided. In America for instance, there is the sad past of racism that hurt the country in the past. Many black people suffered atrocities based on racism. Remembrance of these people is aimed at ensuring that the future is better and devoid of racism. Here is some information about the liturgy conference.

As a measure of learning from history and avoiding injustices that were meted on people based on racial differences, the Lyke conference was established. This is basically a requiem mass in remembrance of the black people who died in the past at the hands of the dragon called racism. In the mass, they are metaphorically referred to as black children of God due to the atrocities they underwent and the love of God that can restore love for mankind. You can view here for more information about a conference.

The liturgy conference usually happens every year with special prayers scheduled in every of the events. Clergies and bishops usually lead the prayers sessions. The prayers are usually elaborate but orderly to address all the issues that concern the historical injustices that were meted on those who fell to the cruel hand of racism and other social injustices. In most cases, the presiding bishop of the event usually prints the prayer in advance which will guide the entire requiem mass.

The event itself usually happens within the community. This means that anyone within the American society can attend the event without restrictions. However, there is payment for entrance though it is not a substantial amount of money. This means that it is affordable to most people in the society. Remember that the main theme is prayer for the fallen black martyrs who died while fighting for their right to social inclusivity and acceptance.

During the requiem mass, different groups of people play different roles. For instance, the event is usually graced by musicians. These artists usually perform songs that promote unity and forgiveness. In addition, they promote inclusivity and social equity. Vendors of different merchandise are also invited. In most case, the merchandise is usually meant to give message to the theme of the day which is remembering the fallen due to social injustices. There are also other staff members of the event who attend. These are important people who pull all strings to ensure that the event is successful.

The Lyke conference 2020 was cancelled with the hope of the next episode taking place in the year 2021. This is because the world faced the covid-19 pandemic. This was not anticipated in the entire world hence the need to alter plans. The pandemic necessitates social distancing hence the reason why organizers decided to cancel the event for 2020. However, there is hope of the same requiem mass taking place in 2021 as the world continues to overcome the effects of the dreaded corona virus.

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